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We differentiate ourselves by a strong foundation of business ethics, partnership and acting on solid data. We like it triple-checked. We don’t get carried away with trends and keep our promises.

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Great code

We do understand our clients’ needs, so we are working using the most reliable and cutting edge technologies. We guarantee the quality and scalability of our code. There are no issues that can’t be done right, but only well or badly estimated. We believe that our solutions are created to make your business successful.

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Client and Partners

"Alphamoon helps companies from around the world understand and benefit from the state-of-the-art AI solutions."

"You can trust Look4App and talk to them honestly. They are very competent and eager to please."

Maciej Koper,
Founder, Benedeo

"I can say that Look4App performed their responsibilities and their share of the work flawlessly."

Radosław Damasiewicz,
E-Commerce and Marketing Director at Travel Planet

"If you would measure the project quality by the determination of the project requirements delivering, than Look4App is the most determined team of people I’ve ever seen."

Marek Zajdel,
CEO & Owner at My Way Away

"Our goal was the application, which could satisfy our needs. It was so annoying that after puting the filter on the picture, you can’nt go back"

Mateusz Fedkowicz,

alphamoon alphamoon
benedeo benedeo
travelplanet travelplanet
mywayaway mywayaway
smoothie smoothie

How do we work?

Analysis & Creation

Depending on the situation, we create solutions or analyse the specific problems for our clients. You don’t need to know how you are going to achieve your goals. We are here for you to do it. We will meet you to talk about your needs, then we prepare the specification and divide the project into the stages.


We are using Agile methodologies in our work. Frequently we are choosing Scrum, which is very efficient in reducing the risk and complexity of big projects. That’s how we are saving your time and money.

Quality & Control

We do not wait until the end of the project to check if all works properly. We control our job quality all the time. At least once a month you are going to see the work progress in form of working product prototype, so you will be able to assess the quality of the delivered software.

Web and blockchain applications made with love

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