ICO Project #12
Creating new cryptocurrency and ICO

Business branch Medical
Subject matter Finance ICO platform (cryptocurrencies)
Technology PHP 7.2, Laravel 5.6 Postgress 10.3 Redis 4 Angular 5 HTML5 Sass TypeScript RxJs Bootstrap 4 Node 6.9.0 NPM 3 Node count 5

The Challenge

Safety, transparency and proper data control are the key elements of keeping medical records. A system based on blockchain technology can respond to all these challenges, but it requires appropriate funds to implement the project.

To raise funds, the client decided to issue custom cryptocurrency tokens. The goal was to create a cryptocurrency that will provide investors with a share of the systems profit.

The Solution

Based on the experience with ICO projects Look4App has created a comprehensive application to handle the Initial Coin Offering process.

After creating an account, the user can purchase tokens in three simple steps:

1. Choosing a payment method for purchasing tokens

The investor can pay using one of 5 cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and Monero. We have created a calculator that helps the investor to calculate the value of the investment.

2. Cryptocurrency transaction

In the next step, the application displays the portfolio address and automatically transfers the funds.

3. KYC and token payout

After completing the ICO, the investor enters his data for the needs of KYC, enters his address and pays out the purchased tokens.

Creating an application for the ICO process enabled the client to raise funds for the implementation of the project and to create a platform that allows for efficient maintenance of medical records using blockchain technology.

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