Chemicals data management platform

Client Ecothesis
Business branch Chemicals
Country Poland
Engagement model fixed-price
Subject matter Chemicals database platform
Technology Symfony 3.4 MySql Bootstrap 3

The Challenge

Recording and evaluation of chemical substances and mixtures is process, that is both complicated and laborious.

According to legal regulations, manufacturers of chemicals must obligatorily provide Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). These cards contain a series of physicochemical data for each of the mixtures, including flammability, harmfulness, physical state, recommended protective clothing, etc.

Their goal is to inform about potential hazards, methods of their prevention and procedures to be followed in the event of contamination.

The purpose of ChemIQ was to create a base for intelligent management of chemicals, allow customers to easily access the data and control them through a single platform.

The Solution

The Look4App team has created a comprehensive web application with a database containing safety data sheets for chemical mixtures and their constituent substances.

We have allowed the users to introduce additional attribute, eg purpose, person responsible, place of use.

Based on the entered data, the system generates relevant documents: the MSDS card abbreviation and the risk matrix. It can also calculate fees for the emission of volatile substances from used mixtures and to create charts of annual consumption and to compare it with data regarding previous years.

Continuous development

In the next stage, we plan to expand the application with the Label Designer. Such a label will be a printable ready file containing a barcode or QR code. After scanning, the user will receive the full information about the mixture.

Working with the client, we have created a comprehensive solution that automates the labor-intensive process. Thanks to the platform, all people exposed to the chemical substances have easy and quick access to key information - we meet legal requirements and improve employees’ safety at the same time.

We also plan to update the ChemIQ application website.

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