Double Blockchain Platform
A complex environment with double blockchain solution

Client Anonymous
Subject matter blockchain platform
Technology WebSocket Angular NodeJS Quorum Solidity

The Challenge

The client came up with an innovative idea to create a platform that utilizes double intertwined blockchains. The tokens were meant to be freely interchangeable between those two networks

The Solution

We created two tokens: one public, based on Ethereum, and the second one on private Quorum blockchain (both tokens are compliant with ERC20 standards and US regulations).
Our team prepared a custom platform for those two tokens. We created a complex NodeJS mechanism based on Web3 library, that allowed for a smooth transfer.
To make the solution as friendly as possible for the users, we’ve developed a Chrome extension that handles exchange and transferring processes (similar to
We complimented the project with a BIP39 complaint wallet.

Thanks to our expertise in creating complex blockchain solutions, the client got a well-tested, safe and proven double blockchain platform.

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