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A custom blockchain to store license data

Business branch Telecommunication
Country Thailand
Engagement model fixed-price
Subject matter Linux Blockchain
Technology Linux Blockchain


An independent state regulator that controls broadcasting and telecommunication services contacted us. They set criteria and grant licenses for the operators, and to do so they need a platform to store the license data.

The blockchain is a perfect way to store sensitive data in an immutable database. It can increase safety and reduce costs. However, interacting with the ledger can be troublesome - you need a proper solution to do that.


Look4App blockchain development team in cooperation with a local partner created solution based on custom blockchain instance. We used a custom distributed ledger, that can be expanded with additional nodes if necessary.

The system allows for storing license data, verifying it, searching through the ledger and providing access to the changelog. All the actions are accessible through REST API & custom admin panel. The platform can monitor blockchain network status and provide client with precise statistics.

Based on our experience in blockchain development, we provided a custom platform that solves real business challenges with the distributed ledger technology. The data stored in the ledger are safe and easily accessible through a user-friendly interface.

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