Look4App’s 2018 Summary

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Once in a while, a time comes for every successful entrepreneur to look back in awe at the leap his company took in the last months. This moment came for me last week, and I wanted to share it with you.

At the beginning of 2018 Look4App counted 26 people.

Now we have 55 people on board, with a beautiful new office in the heart of Wroclaw, and a queue of promising Blockchain, Web and IoT projects scheduled for the whole year.


The Business

Seriously, looking back at the last months, this has been an amazing time for Look4App: The number of simultaneous projects more than doubled - from 7 to 16. Our revenue reached 5,9 mln PLN, with 832 k PLN of pure profit. Our office space increased from 230 to 480 square meters.

The IT and Fintech market is thriving and hungry for good developers. Every week we review, analyze and discuss new potential Blockchain and Web projects. We meet with our clients and potential partners here in Wroclaw and visit them in their own headquarters all around the world.

New clients from Poland, Dubai, Singapore, and Thailand joined our list featuring companies from the United States, Germany, and the Netherlands. To support this process, we even opened a new branch in Dubai.

However, there was a number of opportunities that we decided not to pursue... The priority wasn’t the growth itself - we are focusing on smart growth, and delivering perfect projects.

The Team

Instead of simply getting new people to the company to seizure every project, we’re building a team at our own pace. We developed a personalized, precise and wise recruitment process. It helps us to find amazing, committed people with top work ethics, attitude and a willingness to learn.

There’s no coincidence behind any employment here in Look4App. Every single person has proved themselves in action. Their commitment allowed us to keep the most important clients and rise to the Top 5 Blockchain Companies list on Clutch.

The Structure

But team building is just one side of the coin - the other is creating processes, that will be able to sustain the growth while keeping the unique and personal vibe of Look4App and connections between people. It is a crucial challenge at this stage of company development, and I’ve seen a number of startups that fail to build a proper structure and collapse shortly after this stage.

We precisely groom a crew, that will be the heart of the company in the long term.

The Future

2019 is filled with new opportunities thanks to the dedication, enthusiasm, energy, heart and hard work of our team. With GoToBrand support, we will be visiting the biggest IT events in Dubai, Hong Kong, Tel Aviv, Santa Clara, and San Francisco.

Keep an eye at Look4App. It’s going to be a good year.

Bartosz Robaszewski - CEO of Look4App

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