Look4App Case Study: Blockchain Data Signer on Quorum

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Here's our new Video Blockchain Use Case.

Blockchain Data Signer on Quorum


AO: Hi everyone, Aleksander from Look4App here. Let’s talk about saving data on Blockchain.

For example, take the license data. They can be extremely valuable. Storing them is expensive and they are prone to frauds. That’s why one of our clients asked us to create a solution based on a custom blockchain.

Szymon, one of our Blockchain developers, will tell you more about it.

SŚ: Imagine that you have a few independent regulators, that have equal access to the same ledger. Each of them have a right to grant a license.

This is a very interesting scenario for Blockchain. We can simply provide each of the regulators with their own node in the network.

In our case, we decided to use Quorum. Quorum is an open source blockchain platform - an enhanced version of Ethereum technology created with business in mind.

The system lets you store the license data, verify it, search through the ledger and review the changelog.

AO: Now, how is this better than the regular database?

The most important is the structure created by blockchain - an ecosystem of regulators sharing the same distributed ledger.

What’s more, everything is stored in an immutable database. No one can mess up its history. It’s immune to fraud.

And finally, all of this structure is shared between the regulators. They don’t need a middleman. It cuts their costs.

To sum up, you are getting a safer, smarter and more effective solution that protects you from frauds.

AO: And that’s just one of our blockchain appliances.

TK: If you’re facing similar challenges - let’s discuss how new technologies can solve your problem. You can visit our website or simply email us.

AO: And if you are interested in the blockchain development, subscribe to this channel and see you in the next video.

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