It’s the end of Look4App… (+ short summary of 2019)

Robaszewski Bartosz Robaszewski 4 mięce temu

I have a big announcement for you.

Soon, Look4App will be no more.

But don’t worry. We are only changing the name - our company is in the middle of the rebranding process. The company does not make apps for a long time now, and pretty much everything changed since the moment we’ve invented this name. Even though everybody’s very attached to it, it has to go.

And the former Look4App is coming into 2020 with a fresh impetus. A few highlights from the last year:

We entered the new year with 62 people on board (+13%)

At one point the headcount reached 70 people, but we had to rearrange and optimize the structure and give ourselves some time to prepare for a bigger growth leap.

All of those people are top-notch experts - we even published together articles in a number of magazines, including IT Professional, Nowa Sprzedaż, Personel i Zarządzanie and BrandsIT.

We finished the year with almost 7 800 000 PLN revenue (+37%) and increased the number of sales leads by 96%

Some amazing new clients from Switzerland, Germany, United States and Thailand decided to leave their development in our hands.

We attended 6 big international conferences

Our developers visited top IT events, including Techcrunch Disrupt (San Francisco), GITEX & IoTX(Dubai), IoT (Santa Clara), DCW ASIA (Hong Kong) in DLD (Tel Aviv). Thanks, GoToBrand!

But it’s not all about work here - we also organized some truly epic events for the team. To name a couple, there was a boat party, trip to the famous Banderoza and Christmas in Art Hotel - you can check them out on our videos. (BTW. Our beautiful office looks great on camera, too. We just celebrated the first anniversary of moving in.)

We reached Top 3 in Blockchain Development Companies on

Our team is active in the community. They create content and experiment a lot with our inhouse videos. Last year we’ve got some recognition and awards for that. I was especially honored to be among 30 Kreatywnych Wrocławia in 2019.

We stepped up our training game, and it resulted in becoming Google and AWS certified partner.

We established a partnership with Alphamoon and organized an event in Berlin

Alphamoon is an amazing AI Software House. We teamed up and organized a successful AI & Blockchain Meetup in Berlin, and it went really well.

It was a busy year, and I’m looking forward to 2020, filled with amazing projects, international travel and further development.

Kudos to the team. You guys achieved all of that!

And a message to everyone else: get ready for the new name and branding. It’s coming soon. ;)


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