Calculating cost of your ICO

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Budgeting can be one of the major challenges when creating your own Initial Coin Offering. As a blockchain software house, we will focus on the biggest position in this budget: IT and Software Development.

ICO Calculator

We created a calculator that will help you to estimate the costs at Look4App:

Blockchain Development

Creating a Smart Contract is a fragile process, and you have to get it right. There will be no chance to change anything after the deployment.

Depending on your projects complexity, the blockchain development might be the last or the most expensive part of your project.

If you want to simply clone a basic Smart Contract and name it as your own coin, it will be a cheap and simple job - but there’s very little value in cloning. To create a meaningful project, you have to add features, and that’s the pricey part of the project.

After creating a Smart Contract, consider a professional audit and testing to make sure your code runs smoothly and keeps your investors safe.

Software Development for ICO Process

To fulfill the investment process, you also need a platform to handle all the investors’ data. It’s usually integrated with KYC and payment solutions.

If you are looking for detailed article on building an app to handle your ICO process, check our previous article:
>> ICO Software - How To Build An App For Your ICO?

You already have your idea for a project?

Discuss it with our team.

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