Blockchain Loyalty System on Hyperledger - Look4App Video Case Study

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Here's our new video case study on Blockchain Loyalty System. Enjoy!

Bart Robaszewski (CEO of Look4App):

Hi everyone, I’m Bart, the CEO of Look4App. We do Blockchain.

But today, we want to talk to you about marketing, and one of the most iconic blockchain appliances:

The blockchain loyalty system.

We built such a system for one of our clients based in Thailand. Take a look at how it works.

Tomasz Kęczkowski (Head of Sales):

So basically, a loyalty system allows clients to collect points for their interactions with your company, giving them that little extra value to keep coming back.

But that’s just a part of the story. The system lets you collect immense amounts of data on their behaviour. It is a gold mine for discovering customer insights and creating personalized offers.

There is just one con to such a solution.

You need a middleman to process all this raw data.

Patryk Odziomek (Blockchain Developer):

Blockchain is a perfect tool to solve this problem. In the traditional model, if you have a group of companies, the system is held by the loyalty system provider.

At Look4App, we took up the challenge of creating a Blockchain to disrupt this structure. The parts that would traditionally be in the center are automated and distributed between companies.

You don’t need the middleman and, better yet, you don’t need to pay for one. Anytime you need, you simply extend the network by adding another node for any additional brand.

It comes with top of the line encryption comparable to NSA solutions. It’s simply safe by design.

Mateusz Fejczaruk (Blockchain Developer):

When it comes to technology, we decided to use Hyperledger - an ecosystem supported by companies like IBM, SAP and Intel.

It’s battle-tested, effective, continuously improved and has an amazing community.

To create the loyalty system, we picked two of its main components - Hyperledger Fabric and Hyperledger Composer, and used them to write our custom Business Network Applications.

We complemented this with our own custom Block Explorer, written from scratch.

The client simply gets a mobile app to collect the points. The solution is easy to use, and you don’t have to juggle with your loyalty cards anymore. That’s it.

Bart Robaszewski:

And this can be a base for even further innovations. You can combine Blockchain with Big Data. It will let you analyse statistics in real time and target your potential clients even better.

Blockchain gives us the total package in this case: marketing value, safety, transparency, trust and control.

And if you are interested in Blockchain solutions, visit our web page, or email us.

We're always up to talk about your blockchain project.

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