Airdrop in the ICO Process

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We usually share our knowledge on tech details of Initial Coin Offerings and blockchain development. But preparing the tech side of ICO is one thing - you have to align it with the marketing of your new coin. Here’s what they mean by airdropping.

What is airdrop in ICO?

Airdropping has always meant giving a boost of free supplies. In the crypto world, it’s simply the act of distributing the cryptocurrency free of charge to the chosen target group.

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How to use airdropping in your ICO?

If you’re into cryptocurrencies, looking around for valuable info in groups and on forums, you can see how flooded they are with airdropping advertisements. The reason is simple: the process has become one of the main cards played by the cryptocurrencies marketers.

Why? Because giving away free stuff is really effective in this world.

Airdropping helps to spread the word about your solution and engage the investors. A precise drop can aim, for example, at people holding a similar kind of tokens. It creates a buzz, but also can help to build a community rooting for your success - because they are the holders of your tokens.

But you don’t always have to give the tokens away for free - you can choose to reward your community, or encourage them to, for example, fill a survey - those are so called bounties. This approach is even better for the marketing of your coin, as it helps you to collect useful data.

Technical issues with ICO and airdrops

Actually, airdropping from a technical point of view are pretty easy - it’s simply an allocation event.

However, if you project involves a huge audience, you might encounter issues like scaling the allocation. We usually advise to automate it through MetaMask.

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