8 Interesting ICOs and Blockchain Appliances - Including Cats, Dating and Marketing

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Blockchain is a technology that can benefit a vast variety of industries. We’ve chosen 8 interesting solutions for you which might inspire you to create your own project.

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1. Cryptokitties

Blockchain can be fun and can be a basis for weird games.

Cryptokitties is an Etherum based game where you can collect and breed cats, based on a quite complex genetic mechanism.

2. WFP Building Blocks

“WFP is taking first steps to harness blockchain technology to enhance our ability to provide effective, efficient assistance to the people we serve – and save millions of dollars.”

World Food Programme’s effort in creating efficient, transparent and secure cash transfers resulted in starting the Building Blocks project.

It helps to avoid fraud, which is all too common in the charity sector all over the world, and to keep the system lean and efficient.

3. Walmart Smart Electricity Grid Management System

An american retailer, Walmart, has already secured a number of patents connected with blockchain technology.

The Smart Electricity Grid Management System uses cryptocurrency to promote more efficient energy use and allows for smarter transactions with energy providers.

It’s an interesting example of smart IoT systems which can manage themselves and communicate to fulfil a common goal - to increase efficiency.

4. Kiip Blockchain Mobile Ad Campaign

Kiip, a mobile marketing and monetization platform and AB InBev, the world’s largest brewer, have launched the first blockchain mobile ad campaign.

Single Ledger, created by Kiip, enables every stakeholder in the mobile ad sales chain to view and audit campaign data. It addresses mobile ad fraud and ensures that the money will be well spent.

It is basically a logistics chain’s blockchain advantages translated into mobile advertising.

5. Ohlala

Ohlala is a controversial paid dating app. It’s often accused of supporting prostitution, and in fact, legitimizing sex work is one of its goals.

Their ICO aims at improving anonymity and introducing better encryption. The most innovative part is using a Smart Contract for digital consent.

6. Polish Credit Office

Polish Credit Office, the largest credit bureau in CEE, implements blockchain to store sensitive data connected with credit histories.

The solution has a few major improvements compared to the traditional database. It’s GDPR compliant, scalable and, what’s most important, very safe.

7. ParkinGo Parking Services

ParkinGo is a traditional business, present in the market of parking services for 20 years. They recently revealed their plan to launch an ICO.

Acquiring GOTokens will give you priority of access to many ParkinGo services, such as guaranteed reserved parking.


ARXUM is a team of engineers who came up with an idea of solving manufacturing industry problems through a blockchain network.

It supports seamless transfers between users and machines. The ultimate goal is to lower the cost of customized manufacturing to the point of mass production.

ARXUM Production Network is reportedly better than the traditional infrastructure: it can increase speed, deliver end-to-end visibility and cut costs. The solution is cutting out the middleman and a big chunk of costs with them.

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