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Since the beginning of the L4A Blog, we created 4 core epic posts on 4 different aspects of Initial Coin Offering process, about 1500 words each. That’s the most popular quartet among our posts.

Together those posts make a strong knowledge base for your future ICO project, covering the process, threats, outsourcing and app features.

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How To Launch An ICO Project - Technical Details

A single most popular post on this page - a comprehensive guide on the details of the process. If you’re looking for a relevant source of useful information, here’s the beef.

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3 Traps That Can Sink Your ICO

The path of delivering Initial Coin Offering is fraught with traps. Here are some notes from the experienced pathfinders - developers that successfully created cryptocurrencies earning millions of dollars.

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Working On An ICO With A Software House

ICO is a fragile and complicated process that requires effective communication. This post presents 6 insights on blockchain development outsourcing. It shows the details of the process of outsourcing your Initial Coin Offering to the external experts - and indicates what should you beware of.

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ICO Software - How To Build An App For Your ICO?

When you launch your own token, you need an app to guide your investor through the whole process. Here you will find all the details on how to design and create it.

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