12 Interesting Blogs on Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies

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It’s not easy to find a reliable and friendly source of information on blockchain technology.

To help you reach some of the best, we’ve aggregated the top blogs related to the topic, which can extend your view on blockchain & cryptocurrencies.

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1. Bits on blocks

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Bits on blocks is a popular blog by a blockchain development expert, Antony Lewis. It’s a good source of clear and practical articles, containing a long list of useful content which avoids technical mumbo-jumbo.

"Bits on blocks is a hype-free blog written in plain English for business people who want to understand more about cryptocurrencies and blockchains."

Antony Lewis



Weird and flashy when it comes to design, Blockchain WTF is a solid and fun portal which explains the details of blockchain.

3. Master The Crypto


A beautiful blog covering all things related to blockchain & cryptocurrencies. If you are looking for in depth ICO analyses and reviews - this is the place you should look.

4. CoinFund


CoinFund provides research and commentary on technology and economics. A perfect source if you want to learn more on the financial aspects of blockchain and crypto investments.

5. Blockchain News

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Blockchain News is a news platform, sharing stories about start-ups and projects the Blockchain community is working on.

6. Blockchain at Berkeley Blog

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Blockchain at Berkeley Blog is a non-profit initiative of the University of California, Berkeley which aims to build a blockchain community. It pursues a wide variety of blockchain-related topics. Really well researched, substantial articles.

7. Unchained podcast


If you’re more into podcasts, take a look at Unchained, created by Laura Shin from Forbes. A solid journalistic piece of work exploring blockchain and cryptocurrency opportunities.

8. CryptoClarified

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CryptoClarified aims to provide unbiased coverage and news on cryptocurrencies, along with content for new investors.

"Follow Our Blog for unbiased coverage and news on the various cryptocurrencies as well as educational material on how to buy and store (safely) if you choose to do so. If not, that’s cool too, stick around and hopefully you’ll learn a thing or two."

9. Hackernoon


Hackernoon is a very active blog publishing posts on the development of innovative technologies. It also has a blockchain section which may really catch your interest.

10. Blockchain Unleashed: IBM Blockchain Blog

The IBM Blockchain blog is a solid source on blockchain technology, managed by Kyle Schlapkohl and Bret Bardeli.

It hosts news, interviews, conversations, stories, and opinions from the blockchain community. It covers not only internal IBM ideas, but also external voices on the topic.

11. Medium: Blockchain


Medium curates and unearths the most useful and entertaining pieces of content. You will find some really nice and entertaining commentaries on IT and cryptocurrencies.

12. L4A Web and Blockchain Development Blog


If you are looking for more technical content on blockchain and ICOs, take a look at our blog. We share useful information based on our developers’ experience in creating complex solutions for businesses.

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