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  • Look4App Listed as a Top Blockchain Developer on Clutch

    Olszewski Aleksander Olszewski 27.02.2019
    The criteria for success have changed, and we are proud to help our clients reach satisfy these new requirements. With quality development in a number of cutting edge fields, we deliver custom solutions for whatever challenges our clients may face. Everything we do is for our clients, but sometimes we do pick up some praise along the way....
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  • Blockchain Use Case: Audit Trails for Ford, IBM, and LG

    Olszewski Aleksander Olszewski 06.02.2019
    Blockchain gets comfortable in automotive and electronics industry. Ford, IBM, and LG came together to solve the problem of unethical cobalt production - an important ingredient of lithium-ion batteries used in cars and smartphones. Blockchain happened to be the most convenient and effective way to solve this business problem....
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  • Does quantum computing challenge your Blockchain safety?

    Olszewski Aleksander Olszewski 30.01.2019
    Quantum computing brings a gun to a blockchain knife fight. IBM presented a first standalone 50-qubit quantum computer. While there’s a low chance that anyone would want to have it in their own server room, we can soon hire its power and harness it to your own business goals. Can you use it to, for example, exploit a cryptocurrency?...
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